Upper Cross Syndrome

The Effects Of Upper Cross SyndromeUCS

Upper Cross Syndrome is known as a muscle issue that causes changes in the skeletal system due to the muscle imbalances.  There will be an increase in the curve of the upper back, a decrease in the curve of the neck, and rounding forward of the shoulders, which can produce shoulder problems.

What Causes It?

The most common contributor to upper cross syndrome is sitting either at work or school all day long.  Over-time your back fatigues from sitting all day and you start to slouch.  Eventually slouching becomes a habit and the muscles adapt and change in a very predictable pattern as previously described

Common Symptoms

Common symptoms of Upper Cross Syndrome can vary from person to person. The most common symptoms are neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches. In severe cases, due to the nature of the posture and its affect on the skeletal system, pain can be found in the elbow and wrist.


When clients come see us with Upper Cross Syndrome symptoms its usually after months if not years of poor posture, therefore treatment results are not immediate and take time and commitment. The goal of our treatment plan is to reduce tension and tightness in restricted muscles and create strength and stability in the weak and inactive muscles. All of our corrective exercise programs are individually designed and provided with soft tissue treatment (Deep/soft tissue massage, dry needling, cupping ect.) to achieve the best response.

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