Sports Therapy service in Docklands and CBD

What is Sports Therapy?

knee-pain-940x624Sports Therapy is the assessment, treatment and management of muskeloskeletal conditions. Sports Therapy is suitable for those requiring injury prevention programs and/or injury rehabilitation programs. Sports Therapy uses a combination of soft tissue management with a specific exercise program to return you back to optimum levels of functionality, occupational and sports specific fitness.

Our programs are based on 4 simple principles “balance, flexibility, mobility and strength” By focusing on these we are able to design a program that will return you to pre-injury health as well as reduce the likelihood of re-injury.

Sports Therapy is not limited to Athletes and sports minded people. We provide treatment to anyone suffering from a muscular dysfunction that causes pain such as headaches, neck pain,shoulder pain and back pain. See more at Commonly Treated Conditions. We use the same assessments and care that our athletes receive, ensuring you receive the best care.

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