Reward your baby: Lift weights during your pregnancy

Prenatal Resistance Training

Postnatal benefits of resistance (weight) training during pregnancy.

Up until recent times, women have been advised to refrain from exercising during pregnancy to avoid affecting the baby and to ensure a healthy delivery. Research has shown that this attitude to exercise is wrong but also suggest that prenatal exercise actually can have positive impact on the fetus.


Children born to women who performed weight-bearing exercise 3–5 times per week throughout pregnancy were seen to be longer and had more lean body mass than children born to mothers that did not perform regular weight bearing exercises.


Other benefits included a reduction in fetal fat mass while maintaining lean tissue,as well as reducing the risk of macrosomia in children born to those suffering from Gestational Diabetes.


Positive effects of exercise on the child have been also shown to extend much further than just initial health and body weight. Children born to women who perform exercise throughout the pregnancy have been found to show signs of heightened attentiveness and discipline, and by the age of 5, these children are neurodevelopmentally more advanced. These results were attributed to the ability of regular exercise to increase blood volume, cardiac output, and placental function, which in turn increases 24-hour nutrient delivery to the placenta, thereby improving fetal nourishment.


The benefits arent just there for you child, how you prepare your body for pregnancy will determine how well you recover. Returning to pre-pregnancy weight is dependent on your habits during the pregnancy. Exercise has also been shown to increase psychological well being, with it being  a strong counter measure to pregnancy related depression.


Trademark Therapy now offers prenatal classes specifically designed to provide you with the necessary adaptations as you progress through the different stages of pregnancy.

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