Promotes an Easier Labor

Attractive pregnant brunette exercising with dumbbells and a stability ball at homeBenefits of resistance (weight) training during pregnancy.
Promotes an Easier Labor

Exercise has been shown to have a positive effect on multiple aspects of labor with resistance (weight) training showing a particular beneficial effect. Women who are physically active during pregnancy have been shown to have a decreased risk of premature labor and a reduced incidence of cesarean delivery.

Studies have shown that frequent exercisers (3 or more times per week) experienced a shorter duration of active labor and a reduced incidence of fetal stress.

Whilst it most common for pregnant woman to partake in activities such as yoga or Pilates, it is just as important to be active in some form of weight training. Weight training during pregnancy is safe and is now highly recommended.

Trademark Therapy is now offering prenatal classes specifically designed to provide you with the necessary adaptations as you progress through the different stages of pregnancy.

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