Our Therapists

Head Therapist, Director

Tal Marom is  a Sports Therapist having completed his degree in 2014. PILATES_15Since then his experiences include 3 years at Melbourne Victory Football Club, providing soft tissue management and providing players with corrective exercise programs. 1 year at the Victorian Bushrangers Cricket Team as a Soft Tissue Therapist.

Tal opened Trademark Therapy in 2014 to fill in the gap in the industry to provide clients with a corrective exercise approach to rehab that can be managed in conjunction with a soft tissue approach. With most Physio-therapies and other allied health business running predominately clinically, Trademark Therapy provides clients with the opportunity to manage their symptoms in a fully functional gym as well as in conjunction with a soft tissue approach that includes specific massage techniques, dry needling and joint mobilisation.

We believe that using both different approaches to our clients symptoms will help us achieve optimal recovery and less likelihood of re-injury. Our clients are required to take an active approach to their rehab with home exercises and mobilisation homework provided.

Trademark Therapy is based in two locations. Docklands, where we predominately see office workers complaining of postural dysfunctions; lower back pain, head, neck and shoulder pain ect. At our Richmond clinic we see a lot of endurance athletes, professional athletes and weekend gym goers. Between the two locations we offer similar services, believing that chronic and acute injuries require the same corrective exercise and hands on based approach.