Free Mobility Workshop

TradeMark Therapy Mobility WorkshopBeutiful young woman stretching and preparing to run.

Are you suffering from Neck Pain? Shoulder Pain? Back Pain?
Learn how to treat your symptoms of pain and reduce further discomfort

Have our therapists conduct a workshop at your business, and teach you how to manage your pain and avoid discomfort

Who is this workshop designed for?

  • Individuals suffering from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Individuals looking to reduce their symptoms of pain associated with their work
  • Individuals looking to increase their overall mobility
  • Individuals who are restricted to sitting at work all day.
  • Individuals looking to increase their overall movement and prevent restrictions in the future

What should I expect from this workshop?

Using foam rollers, mobility balls, mobility sticks and resistance bands we will look at achieving the following

  • Identify limitations in different muscles and joints.
  • Learn different techniques that will focus on reducing your pain
  • Learn different techniques that will focus on preventing pain and muskelosketal complications in the future.
  • Each participant will receive a take home workbook that will explain how to perform each mobility technique that we will be performing.

To register your interest please contact or 0421 203 938
Limited spots available

Mobility Tool Kit
1x Foam roller, 1 x Resistance Band, 1x Mobility Stick, 2x Mobility Ball – $125 (RRP $143.50)

Individual Items
Foam Roller – $60.00 ea
Resistance Band$33.50 ea
Mobility Stick$20.00 ea
Mobility Ball$15.00 ea

To purchase any of the above items please contact
 or 0421 203 938