Top tips on how to recover from a marathon

Trademark tips on how to recover from a marathonMarathon recovery

Running a marathon is a brutal, physically demanding and mentally exhausting event, and recovering from the run will take you a couple of weeks before you feel fresh again. So with the Melbourne Marathon happening this weekend we throught we would write up a short guide on how best to recover from the run.

1. Ensure that your pre-race nutrition and hydration is up to scratch. This can start up to 7 days before the run
2. Post-run: Eat and drink. Bananas are a great source of energy, but really we suggest eat whatever you are comfortable with. It is important that you replenish the calories burnt, immediately after the race. Drink plenty of fluids, ideally you would want to drink 2-3L within 2hrs post run
3. Ice bath: Getting into the ice bath after a run will help reduce swelling and inflammation that would have built up during the race

The next few days:
1. Contrast baths: If you can get down to your local pool, go for a dip in cold water and alternate with the spa every 5 minutes. This will help promote circulation through the body.
2. Eat up on your protein and carbohydrates! Your body is still repairing itself from the run.
3. Massage: Book yourself in with a myotherapist or massage therapist for a really light massage, nothing too deep or vigorous. Again we are looking at promoting circulation

1 week later
1. Go for a gently run or cycle
2. Deep tissue massage
3. Contrasts baths.

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