Lower Back Pain

Clinically I see a lot of clients coming in complaining of Lower back pain (LBP), and whilst obviously the pain is in the lower back I find more often than not this pain is secondary result due to biomechanical faults elsewhere in the body. Today I am going to focus on one of the more common primary factors of LBP, glute weakness. Specifically glute medius (GM).

The role GM is as a hip abductor (taking your leg away from your body) and as a hip stabiliser. When GM is weak simple exercises such as walking and running are performed incorrectly. Your hips start to drop and secondary muscles such as your lower back muscles are working overtime to try and stabilise the hips. This causes to the lower back muscles to tight up and that is the pain and discomfort that you are feeling

What can you do with this information? First of all be aware that LBP isn’t20150210_141758_Cartoonized always caused by GM  weakness, it is one of many causes. If you are suffering with LBP look at trying to release the glutes using foam rollers or my favourite tennis balls. Positions such as the photo shoot pose (see picture) are the best ways to release GM. Second look at exercises that increase muscular activation and strengthening such as clam shell exercises, sidelying hip abduction and basic single leg balance.