Leading the way in Prenatal Training

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With the recent publication by Sports medicine Australia on pre and post- natal training, its great to know that Trademark Therapy is in line with industry requirements if not in fact leading the way in Antenatal Training.

At Trademark Therapy, we have worked tirelessly over the last few months to bring to attention the benefits of resistance training during pregnancy. One of the many stumbling blocks that we have experienced along the way is how does our program differ from other programs. With a number of other programs run by other allied health professionals there is a notion that this part of antenatal care is already covered.

To answer that, what we have found is that there is no other program that focuses on training the whole body, not just the core and pelvic floor. Our program is unique as every client that steps through our door is provided an individual program that is based on their pregnancy history, pre-pregnancy training experience as well as taking into account lifestyle and work factors. Our program is designed to take our clients through all the stages of pregnancy, adapting and changing with our clients as they physically change.
To ensure the safety and individual attention that are clients require we limit our classes to a 1:4 ratio. With our eagle eyed therapists our clients are confident that they will perform the exercises correctly, which might get lost in a larger group setting.

Training during pregnancy is not for everyone though; we understand that complications can occur during pregnancy so all of our clients are required to consult their Doctor prior to training in our program.

We recommend that you register in our program as soon you decide to get pregnant, as research has shown that women who train regularly have increased levels of fertility. (Partners too!) There are also a number of foundation exercises that are easier to perform in the early stages of pregnancy which are harder to develop later on.

All of our programs are run by our Sports Therapists. We aslo offer pregnancy massage which is done by our in house Myotherapist and Massage Therapist

For more information regarding our program please contact us using the form below.