What is ITB Syndrome

Treatment and management of ITB syndrome:ITB

ITB Syndrome (Iliotibial friction syndrome) is one of the most common causes of pain in runners with over 22% of runners affected.

What is the Iliotibial Band and what does it do?

The ITB is a long, thin band of fascia that runs down the outside of your Leg. At the top of your thigh it is attached a muscle called Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL), and at the bottom it attaches to your tibia (shin bone) Its primary role is to assist in hip Abduction (taking your leg away from your body) as well as locking of the knee.

What causes aggravation in the ITB?
ITB syndrome is essentially a biomechanical issue, usually caused by imbalances in the body.
Common aggravations include:

  • Weak glute muscles
  • Weak core muscles
  • Poor foot arch control
  • Excessive hill training (particularly downhill)
  • Overstriding
  • Cadence
  • Sudden increase in mileage for training
  • Sitting for extended periods

Management of ITB Syndrome

Often we get asked if rolling the ITB is beneficial for the ITB. Due to the ITB is being a band of fascia it responds differently to rolling or manual treatment compared to a muscle. Its ability to release or increase in length is so minimal that often we recommend that the reward for effort (Rolling the ITB can generally be quite painful!) is often not there. It is therefore recommended that you look at the cause of the ITB aggravation rather than the symptom.
Activation and strengthening program are often the first point of call for the management of ITB syndrome. Your exercise program should also be complimented with hands on therapy that would focus on releasing and increasing the mobility of your gluteal and hip muscles. A movement analysis would also be recommended to ensure that your running technique is not further aggravating your symptoms.

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