Injury prevention and the “Now effect”

Injury prevention, or performance enhancement?injury-massage


When discussing injury prevention with my clients, I often find that interest levels in this topic are quite low, and compliance in performing exercises to be even lower. As a Therapist, I found this quite odd, why wouldn’t anyone want to ensure that they don’t get injured?


It comes down to the “Now effect” Everything that we do in the modern day is done with immediate effect, thanks mainly to technology results or actions are often seen instantly, or shortly after. So how does that relate to injury prevention? We are working towards something that may or not happen in the future. We cant see the results now. Compared to when you are training, either at the gym, or on the track, we can feel ourselves getting stronger, faster, fitter.


So what if we changed the word from prevention to performance. What if the therapist said to you, I can get you stronger, faster, fitter. Simply by adding a few extra or different exercises into your training regime.


This is exactly what Sports Therapists aim for when designing your injury prevention programs. These programs are designed to increases muscular efficiency and recruitment and faster adaptations to your training goals.


What if by having a Myotherapy treatment once a fortnight, gave you the energy and strength to back up on your training programs “Massage can produce mechanical pressure, which is expected to increase muscle compliance resulting in increased range of joint motion, decreased passive stiffness and decreased active stiffness” ¹


Whilst the research is not yet conclusive on the exact physiological, hormonal and chemical changes that Myotherapy and massage treatments provide. Studies have shown that those participating in regular treatments, whether its massage, dry needling, cupping or trigger point therapy are far more likely to compete in their sport or athletic goal, compared to those who have not received any treatment at all.


So the next time your Sports Therapist or Myotherapist discusses injury prevention with you, think performance!


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¹ The Mechanisms of Massage and Effects on Performance, Muscle Recovery and Injury Prevention February 2005