Corporate Massage


Corporate massage is the ultimate way to relax, reward and revive your team!

What are the benefits of corporate massage?

  • It melts away your team’s stresses;
  • It rejuvenates;
  • It makes your staff more motivated and productive;
  • It is an amazing way to reward your team and recognise their efforts;
  • It increases team morale, enthusiasm and energy; and
  • It helps your staff cope with looming deadlines by reducing stress levels and anxiety.

All therapists perform deeply relaxing massages, but understand that once finished, your team needs to get back to work. All that undergo a massage will feel lively and refreshed, ready to tackle their next big task.

There are two massage options to choose from:

  • Desk massages: This involves the therapist offering a short massage at  employee’s desks.
  • Seated massage: This involves the  therapist bringing their massage chair and providing a massage to the recipient. Ideally we would require a small area to set up, preferably in a secluded room.

Bookings and Quotes

  • Every company requires a different package. Contact us at with the number of staff and amount of time you wish to allocate per member. We will then reply with a number of potential packages that will suit your needs.