Exercise during pregnancy

Common questions about exercise during pregnancy answered

  • Is exercise safe during pregnancy?
    Not only is exercise safe during pregnancy it is highly recommended. There are plenty of research articles that state that exercise during pregnancy is not only great for the well-being of mum to be, but also for the development of the baby in the belly as well as its development once its born.


  • What kind of exercise is recommended during pregnancy?
    There is no specific exercise that is more important than another during pregnancy. Whilst there is a huge emphasis on maintaining and strengthening pelvic floor, it is important that you strengthen your whole body. Pregnancy takes a huge toll on the body and it is important that you are able to adapt physically to all the changes that occur. We recommend that you involve yourself in a program that focuses on strengthening with a
    component focusing on cardio and also adapts to your needs as you physically start to change.


  • How often do I need to exercise?
    It is recommended that you perform some form of exercise for 30 minutes a day 3-5 days a week. This means going for a walk or going to the gym, Pilates or even yoga.


  • What are the benefits of exercising during pregnancy?
    There are plenty of benefits of exercise during pregnancy, some of the main ones include; reducing the likelihood of getting Gestational Diabetes, the most common condition affecting pregnant women. Helps avoid pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy such as back pain and sciatica. Increase the mental and physical development of your child. Increasing psychological well-being and reducing the chances of suffering from pre/post-natal depression.


  • I’m currently involved in IVF treatment, can I still exercise?
    Exercise in the early stages of IVF treatment needs to be tailored back so the body can focus on giving you a child. Once you get the OK back from your Doctor, exercise is safe but will be moderated on some levels.


  • I’ve had a miscarriage in the past, is it still safe to exercise?
    Exercise is still recommended for mums who have had a history of miscarriages. It is recommended that you get strong, fit and healthy before falling pregnant. Reduce the levels of exercise during the first trimester, and slowly increase the levels of exercises after that. Before beginning any exercise it is important that you discuss this with your Doctor.


  • How do I get started?
    Before beginning in any program, we recommend that you discuss your exercise intentions with your doctor. Regardless if you are a low risk pregnancy ensure you have this discussion with your antenatal carer. Once you have gotten the all clear, its time to register in a program. Make sure that the program that you register in is run by Pregnancy trained professionals. Not every personal trainer understands the specifics of training during pregnancy, so questions them, do your homework and background checks!


  • What else do I need to know?
    Listen and learn to what your body is telling you. You don’t have to train the house down to enjoy the benefits of training. Remember to stay hydrated and that you are training in a cool environment.
    And most importantly enjoy your training, enjoy your pregnancy and prepare yourself for the happiest moment in your life.


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