5 ways to help prevent sciatica during pregnancy

How to prevent Sciatica during pregnancySciatic Pain

First of all what is sciatica – Sciatica is a term used for an irritation of the Sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs from your lower back and down the back of your both your legs. Most cases of Sciatica are due to compression onto the nerve due to disc issues associated with posture or trauma. Symptoms of Sciatica vary from pins and needles, numbness and tingling and possible weakness on the affected side.

A common complaint of pregnancy is of Sciatic symptoms. Why this is a common complaint has nothing to do with the baby possibly pressing against the spine, but rather how your body is responding to the new physical changes that are occurring in your body. Weight gain, ligaments are relaxing, the pelvis is widening as well as hormonal changes that are also occurring. So what can you do to reduce the likelihood of suffering from Sciatica.

1. Keep moving! A lot of Sciatic symptoms occur due to compression of muscles on the nerve at any one point of the nerves path, but most commonly across the back of your pelvis in your glutes. As soon as we become sedentary muscles tend to tighten up and start to compress the nerve. Simply by walking and staying moderately active you are allowing the muscles that may affect the nerve to stay nice and loose.

2. Stretch: As the baby starts to get bigger so do you, a natural change that occurs is your pelvis starts to rotate forward which in turn puts more pressure on your spine. Look at stretching your hip flexors and quadriceps muscles

3. Strength Training: It is important that your body is able to adapt to the changes that are occurring in your body. One way is by performing specific strength exercises that will allow you to maintain control over your body has you start to change in shape. Exercises such as core activation, kegal activation as well as weight training will reduce the likelihood of complaining of sciatic symptoms

4. Nutrition: What you eat, and how much you drink will determine how your body behave. If your body isn’t treated right, it will start to tighten up. This is due to the lack of vitamins and appropriate hydration that keeps the body in check. Make sure you are eating right and drinking plenty of water

5. SMILE! Your mood is one of the strongest indicators to how your body feels. Research has shown that a persons emotional well being is as important to manage when treating back pain as are the massages and exercises that a Sports Therapist or Myotherapist may prescribe. So put a smile on that dial and enjoy your pregnancy!


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