168 Hours

The 168

Having a treatment once a week or once a fortnight is often seen as the be all and end all of self-management with all the responsibility left to your therapist to ensure you recovery is at optimum levels.

Whether your appointment is to manage your injury or as part of your self-maintenance program, booking in for a treatment is only a fraction of the story.

Assuming that you have booked in for a 1 hour appointment once a week, this 1 hour equates to 0.6% of the total hours in a week. Rehab and recovery is not achieved in a clinical room, but rather in the other 167 hours outside of clinical time.

The 1 hour you spend on the massage table is there for your therapist to first and foremost assess your injury, create a treatment plan, provide treatment and lastly implement an exercise program based on the assessment.

Having a treatment opens a window of opportunity or as I like to call it a portal. If you do not step in through the portal by going through a specific exercise program, the portal closes and you’ll need to start again. The exercise component allows your body to “lock in” the benefits of what has been achieved in clinic.

At Trademark Therapy we care not only about the 1 hr we see you clinically but more importantly the other 167 hours that we do not. We provide exercise programs that will complement your treatment so that you can return to sport, prevent injury, train harder and stronger achieve fitness goals.

Trademark Therapy offers Sports Therapy, Myotherapy and Massage treatments out of 3 locations. Docklands, Richmond and our new clinic in Caulfield.

Programs we offer:knee-pain-940x624
Sports Therapy and Myotherapy
Running strength programs – You’ve been taught how to swim, but have you been taught how to run?
Prenatal Strength Training – Recommended, safe and has huge benefits to yourself and your baby
Personal Training – Private and group sessions

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